Gatchaman #1 Covers (Updated as Covers Announced)

Mad Cave Studios just released direct pre-orders for Gatchaman #1 which includes four covers. All the books should also be available for pre-order from the May edition of Previews and comic book stores.

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Chris Batista

Cover A Artist: Inaki Miranda
Cover B Artist: Sanford Greene
Cover C Artist: Chris Batista
Cover D Blank
Cover E 1:10 Artist: Francine Delgado
Cover F 1:20 Artist: Mike Deodato Jr

The triumphant return of Gatchaman, the iconic Japanese animated franchise of a five-member, bird-themed superhero team, known to Western audiences as Battle of the Planets!

A mechanical terror has descended upon numerous cities and the world’s greatest scientists are disappearing. Our only hope: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman! As they battle these machinations from the international terrorist organization known as Galactor, their strength, willpower, and even vehicles are pushed to the absolute limit. If they fail…who’s waiting in the wings to take their place? The first exciting issue in an ongoing series that expands upon the original anime series!

Gatchaman #1 goes on sale June 26, 2024.

Cover A
Cover B
Cover C
Cover D
Cover E
Cover F